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The JWL Signature Fall Event

Joan’s Wish List empowers communities to come together to support the needs of the domestic violence community at its annual Signature Event. Our 7th Annual Signature Event promises to be the biggest and brightest yet and is scheduled for October 24, 2020 at Big Door Studios in El Segundo, CA.

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"Mom was the most generous human being I have ever known. Generous in love, spirit and happiness. Christmas was such a special time for was something special which taught me so much about the true meaning of Christmas. Every year when I was a child, I remember -- in addition to the countless gifts she would buy for family and friends -- we would go to a toy store and Mom would buy literally hundreds of toys for boys and girls of all ages. She would wrap them up and we would fill her station wagon -- and drive to an orphanage in Mexico to pass the gifts out to the children who had so little. I still recall the look of happiness and thanks on those children's faces every year.” - Michael E Williams